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How to protect the floor when renovated

liuyi, Montag, 27. November 2017, 11:58

<P>Wood flooring fear of water, even if the floor has done moisture-proof treatment is no exception. In the home decoration, although there will be no need to use a large area of ​​water, but more or less will be used when the water. When we talked about the dust removal work, we have already suggested that dust-proof cloths should be laid on the floor so that it can resist the infiltration of a small amount of water to a certain extent.</P>
<P>However, in the process of laying solid wood floor, or the end of the renovation will be the end of the dust-proof cloth, cleaning the house, or extra care should be taken to prevent large amounts of water exposure to the floor, which will shorten the life of the floor.</P> "soundproof wpc flooring advantages,materials for permanet deck waterproof,cheap wood fence panels south jersey "

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