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material to buckle the floor

liuyi, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 02:30

<p>'Patent Excellence Award' is an award given by the Intellectual Property Office specifically for the invention and creation of patent rights In order to encourage and recognize the patentee and inventor (designer) who have made outstanding contributions to the technical (design) innovation and economic and social development, the </p>
<p>evaluation criteria not only emphasize the project's patented technology and innovation, but also focus on the process of market transformation In the use of the situation, but also on its protection and management requirements, more specific guidance, more distinctive features, the result is more credible. The so-called 'lock floor' refers to </p>
<p>the floor plates can be inserted into each other to form a contiguous state, and to ensure that the board is flat and horizontal and vertical state does not fall off. This patented technology pioneered the 'parallel push' lock technology, by instantly changing the shape of the notch by the elasticity of the floor material to buckle the floor, creating a </p>
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