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floor lock technology

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 03:05

<p>global new field of floor lock technology development. The development of the core technology of the floor locking system originated from the 'United States 337 Floor Locking Case' in 2007 in Europe and the United States, resulting in the blockade of China's flooring enterprises in exporting international markets, especially the European </p>
<p>and American markets, by the patented technical barriers to foreign floor lock. Faced with a serious threat, the company independently developed the 'Floor with Locking Device' and this patented technology has been successfully licensed in the United States, which is a milestone for China's flooring that enters the international market on its </p>
<p>own. This patent won not only proved that the Yangtze Flooring not only has the global development vision and a solid deep research and development strength, and can not do without breakthrough innovation and accumulation over the years; the same time, the entire R \u0026 D team has a strong sense of intellectual property protection </p>
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