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transformation of its factories

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 05:14

<p>decline in the number of stores in 2015. 2) strategic cooperation or investment acquisition; in 2014, Nature Investment Yongyu Bamboo Development bamboo and high-tech, smart investment in strategic space during the same period of decoration, to strengthen product supply channels; March 2015, natural home proposed acquisition of </p>
<p>38 million yuan FRANKFURT-listed cabinet company ALNO, accounting for 9.09% of the total shares. Prior to that, Wellmann established Wellmann in 2013 with a subsidiary of ALNO, bringing certain resources to develop its cupboard business. In June 2016, 48 million acquisition of wall high in Guangxi, Guangxi Wall high mainly to </p>
<p>'Geko' and 'wall high' two brands wallpaper sales, the acquisition also brings synergy for the layout of the natural home. The layout of nature's smart home has also landed. Nature announced that it will conduct a comprehensive intelligent transformation of its factories nationwide. Not only will it maintain its leading position in the flooring </p>
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