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number of floor stores

liuyi, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 05:51

<p>products in a comprehensive and multi-angle manner. Nature, as the early pioneer in the layout of Habitat Home Strategy, has expanded its product line of household products through the expansion of wooden doors, cabinets and wardrobes to create 'Brand Nature Desenberg' and ' Sand Castle 'and actively started production. In June </p>
<p>2014,' Nature Flooring Holdings Limited 'was officially renamed as' Nature Home Holding Co., Ltd. 'to reinforce the development goal of' Integration of Indigenous Wealth '. From the earnings report that natural home integrated product layout is divided into two main ways: 1) the establishment of physical stores; natural home through </p>
<p>the development of specialized shops to develop wooden doors, wardrobe home products business from 2011 to 2016 Store building point of view, the number of floor stores and urban coverage has reached saturation, the development tends to be stable, but the doors and cabinets wardrobe store construction is not smooth, a slight </p>
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