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solid wood for 17 years

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 06:07

<p>At the same time focus on solid wood floor heating, hiring chief product officer, sign red star + actually, with home second generation to promote industrial development and other five strategic plans. Today, Jiu-sheng floor, a new visual image put into use, the channel store image is being rebuilt; new brand appeal more specific, long-Sheng </p>
<p>focus on firepower, to seize the minds of consumers, the marketing network spreaded broader. Zhang Kai emphasized that 'JiuSheng has invested more in R \u0026 D and promotion. On the one hand, it continuously strengthens the technology research and development to improve the product quality. On the other hand, it spreads the </p>
<p>environmental advantages and mature technologies of warm wood flooring to more consumers.' ' Huang Zhida Masters Series 'world first long-Shing floor focus on solid wood for 17 years, has been 10 consecutive years, together Huang Zhida release fashion trends. From the original original to the American flavor, and then released last </p>
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