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floor from the market brand

liuyi, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 07:16

<p>and domestic and foreign scientific research institutions jointly developed' molecular microwave technology ',' 'Stress tank technology and quiet moisture technology have greatly enhanced the thermal conductivity of solid wood flooring and stability, the system solved the original wood floor can not be applied to the various problems of floor </p>
<p>heating. Not only scientific and technological aspects, Jiu Sheng has also been the authority Recognized as a national standard 'for heating with solid wood flooring technical requirements and the use of pavement specifications,' the main drafting unit. '' In the future we will further guide the long-Sheng floor from the market brand to consumer </p>
<p>brand change, regardless of solid wood floor heating brand positioning, Or the future of product design, we will think from a consumer's point of view all the problems, to meet consumer demand, a comprehensive warfare consumer mind, and lead solid wood floor consumption upgrade. The future of the brand must be based on the </p>
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