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heating floor is good, how to choose the heating floor

liuyi, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 08:41

<p>First, the principle of self-heating floor The traditional floor is to heat the geothermal pipe buried under the floor heating, so neither safe nor environmentally friendly. Self heating floor does not require preheating the air under the pipe or under the floor, it is embedded in the carbon crystal far-infrared chip multi-layer solid wood, the heating chip is located below the floor surface at 4mm, the bottom has </p>
<p>nearly 15mm insulation, heat down Discharge caused by less than 2% heat loss, the heater chip completely waterproof insulation, even after the floor is soaked 100% safe. The floor and the floor are connected through the male and female plug wires, and the male and female plug wires are also waterproof and leakproof structures to ensure the safety, stability and reliability of the heated floor and the </p>
<p>construction. Each floor is a separate heating element, the floor and the floor between the parallel connection, the installation of only plug and plug, summary to the main line can be. Second, the advantages of self-heating floor Self-heating floor heating device will be integrated into the interior floor, floor heating equipment and geothermal floor will be combined to reduce the cost of the majority of consumers </p>
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