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solid wood flooring from Southeast

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 09:54

<p>manufacturers say Gambadou and pineapple grid has out of stock!' Chen Weiguo reluctantly said. Due to the impact of the Indian Ocean tsunami, the price of solid wood flooring went up just one month before the Spring Festival.<a href='http://deckingboards.org/wall-panel/1510.html'>wholesale vinyl fencing manufacturers</a> 'Pre-holiday solid wood flooring prices have risen about 15%,cheap decking boards in leicester while some individual species rose even higher.' Hangzhou Timber Co., a person in charge said. The tsunami not only affected the transport costs and labor costs of some countries in Southeast Asia, but also directly affected the domestic supply of timber. In order to protect forest resources and maintain the ecological environment after the tsunami, the Indonesian </p>
<p>government tentatively approved the total volume of lumber cut to 4.5 million cubic meters in 2005, much lower than the 60 million cubic meters in 2004, which is not even enough for Indonesia Domestic demand. <a href='http://floormatscheap.com/pvc-fence/5374.html'>pvc foam board india</a>The continuous rise of prices also let Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and other places of exporters saw unlimited business opportunities, the opportunity to raise prices again. 'Fortunately,vinyl posts with wood wood a lot of floor manufacturers now have some inventory, or else the orders must be slaughtered now.' Mr. Zhang from Hangzhou Timber Co., Ltd. said. Briquette Prices of Solid Wood Floors from Southeast Asia Broadly Rise 15-30yuan / sqm Since the </p>
<p>beginning of this month, the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit December 26 last year has spread to the home improvement market in Chengdu. The prices of solid wood flooring based on wood from Southeast Asia have risen sharply.<a href='http://deckingboards.org/pvc-fence/2231.html'>most durable porch deck paint</a> Yesterday, the reporter found in Chengdu several large building materials market survey found that raw materials from Southeast Asia, solid wood flooring prices generally raised 15 to 30 yuan,treadmaster marine teak effect decking or more than 10%. The industry estimates that after the Spring Festival, Chengdu's solid wood flooring prices will rise. Wholesale price of today's retail price changed yesterday Yesterday, reporters at the Chengdu Fuson United States found </p>

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