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Association Floor Committee Deputy

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 11:05

<p>stock correspondingly. Reporter found in the survey, the current price increases are mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia wood as the billet of solid wood flooring,<a href='http://deckingboards.org/wpc-boards/3283.html'>how to anchor 4x4 post to wall</a> and raw materials from Russia, Brazil and other places of solid wood flooring prices little changed, especially raw materials from domestic solid wood flooring prices are more Slight drop. Prices will rise after the Spring Festival A dealer told reporters that due to adequate supply years ago, solid wood flooring with Indonesian timber as a raw material still has some inventory in Chengdu market,diy wpc timber tiles singapore but this part of the inventory will be sold out after the Spring Festival. Estimated after the Spring Festival </p>
<p>solid wood flooring prices will rise. Xiao Wei, a reporter at this newspaper,<a href='http://decks-decking.com/panel/1021.html'>best way to fix decking to concrete steps</a> learned from major timber markets that the impact of the Indian Ocean tsunami and the restrictions on the export of timber in Southeast Asian countries has been tentatively shown. Wood products imported from Indonesia and elsewhere have risen 5% to 10%. Affected by the price hikes of the upstream raw materials, the price of wood flooring in the lower reaches is also on the rise.cheap decking in the west midlands This conclusion confirms the prediction of the rising price of forest products imported from China by Chen Shaorong, a professor at the Forestry College of South China Agricultural University. </p>
<p>Import plate prices bullish Guangdong Yuzhu International Timber Market Office Director Yao Bike February 1 told this reporter that the current market in Guangzhou pineapple grid (Note: a Indonesia flooring timber) price,<a href='http://wooddeck-kit.com/pvc-deck/670.html'>trellis composite beams</a> logs about 2400 ~ 2500 yuan / cubic meter ,timber frame pergolas porches pavilions kits The price of sheet is about 4200 ~ 4300 yuan / cubic meter, while in the Indian Ocean before the tsunami, the same variety prices were 2200 yuan / cubic meter and 3800 yuan / cubic meter, an increase of 10% or so. According to him, some rare species such as Pontianac have even higher rates of increase. Mr. Wu is the dealer of Houjie Industrial Timber Plywood Market in </p>

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