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Solid wood floor treatment of common diseases

qizhen0809, Dienstag, 28. November 2017, 11:31

<P>Wood-plastic floor is made of high-quality wood-plastic panels, wood-plastic floor will have a layer of wear-resistant layer, wear-resistant layer if worn will affect the entire floor moisture resistance and brightness. Therefore, wood floor maintenance and cleaning work must be done.</P>
<P>Need to pay attention to is that when walking on the floor, the owner try to wear slippers, barefoot best. The best place to put the furniture at home are on the soft bottom cushion, so as not to scratch the floor wear layer. In addition, when cleaning, we must be careful not to sandpaper, sander or metal tools to harden the floor to clean the plastic floor.</P>
<P>Wumu floor to clean up, first with a rag dipped in tap water directly wipe, but also to wash the rice evenly sprayed on the wood floor, and then stay 5 to 10 minutes later, wipe clean with a dry rag, the floor It will become much cleaner. For some special stains, such as paint, ink, etc. can be directly with a dedicated scouring oil to clean wipe.</P>
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