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called the two antibacterial floor

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 03:44

but also to kill the potential bacteria in the room, the family will not often sick, certainly healthy. "I immediately spent 20,000 yuan to buy this floor. Did not expect my daughter and I have been sleeping on the floor since the summer, the two were still suffering from dermatitis,
there is no antibacterial effect!" Ms. Fei said she followed this online recourse to this Home floor site request returns, but the page has no trace of the business. The two websites all claimed that the floor "antibacterial" reporter went online to search the floor sales website and called the two antibacterial floor.
businesses randomly as ordinary consumers and found their explanation for the principle of "antibacterial" floor plausible, The "antibacterial" interpretation of the merchant's mouth is not the "antibacterial" concept commonly understood by consumers.
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