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primary appearance plastic

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 04:23

element is driven, saved completely to what with primary appearance plastic, iron ore was a delegate in July in January main 20 kinds of heavy goods import 180.2 billion yuan, waterproof balcony flooring options grow 48.9% compared to the same period; Product of mechanical and electrical products, new and high technology maintains 28.6% grow with the high speed of 34.4% , to optimizing entrance structure, promote transition of complete province industry to

upgrade produce main effect. decking and railings plastic What is worth to be carried is, after condition of line of business of current and new-style trade is experiencing rapid development adjust level, of new old kinetic energy change accelerate urgently. In July, complete province crosses condition electron business affairs retail (B2C) exit forehead 260 million yuan, grow 10.8% compared to the same period, appear to growing european wood plastic compound Supplier first since this year.

Lumber added industrial producer price to drop compared to the same period in July 0.3% In July 2017 portion, producer price of countrywide industry producer rises compared to the same period 5.5% , annulus comparing rises 0.2% . Industrial producer purchases the price to rise compared to the same period 7.0% ,armstrong commercial flooring annulus comparing keeps balance (go up drop extent is 0, similarly hereinafter) . 1-7 is mean monthly,

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