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friendly and healthy flooring

liuyi, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 05:21

<p>Alchemy made of natural intelligence to enhance the floor, the production of raw materials to add aldehyde, the production process of aldehyde pollution, cherish the health, happiness, harvest full of security. As a well-known brand of Chinese wood flooring, natural flooring has always been committed to providing consumers with more </p>
<p>environmentally friendly and healthy flooring. Alchemy made of natural intelligence to enhance the floor, the substrate and manufacturing processes were the two key points of a comprehensive upgrade, the product better than the E0-class, F4-star environmental standards. First of all, the natural flooring with the traditional procurement </p>
<p>advantages, and further improve the procurement standards of substrates, with particular emphasis on testing environmental indicators to ensure the environmental performance of the substrate. Formaldehyde-based floor to enhance the use of non-formaldehyde-added substrate, using MDI medical-grade non-formaldehyde resin glue </p>
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