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raise formaldehyde

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 06:21

promulgate carry out have important sense 1) raise formaldehyde to release requirement of set limit to, accelerate man-made board and development of green of its products industry Usa Quality Eco Friendly Decking With Cheap Price and transition to upgrade, it is cogent fulfil print and distribute of general office of the State Council " consumable standard and mass promotion plan (2016-2020 year) " significant move; 2) man-made of stimulative our country board

industrial technology progresses, thrust uses Bargain Fence Panels For Sale our country the application of sticky agent of research and development of new technology of man-made board product and glue of new-style environmental protection; 3) stimulative enterprise uses an advanced technique, Materials For Building A Deck improve manufacturing technology, improve quality of man-made board product; 4) the environmental protection function that is helpful for improving a

product, protect consumer health. Content New standard stipulated interior decoration decorates the formaldehyde in using man-made board and its product to release set limit to method of how to build wood deck seats requirement, experiment, sentence established rule or practice to be mixed examine the report, apply to beaverboard, particieboard, plywood, joinery board, recombine layer of adornment material, veneer to accumulate material, compositive

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