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wall board of floor

liuyi, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 06:36

material, facing window of door of wall board of floor of man-made board, woodiness, woodiness, woodiness indoor use. New standard stipulates the formaldehyde in man-made board Pvc Ceiling Panel South Africa and its goods releases value of set limit to and ISO 16983: 2016 " woodiness man-made board particieboard " with ISO 16985: 2016 " woodiness man-made board dry method beaverboard " the provision is identical; Detect the method uses ISO 12460-1:2007 "

man-made board formaldehyde releases a Composite Lumber Heat Tolerance Floor quantity to determine the 1st part: Law of 1m3 climate case " . Compare with original standard photograph, new standard revised formaldehyde to detect method and its formaldehyde release set limit to to be worth, the formaldehyde in stipulating interior decoration decorates material to use man-made board and its product releases value of set limit to Outdoor Imitation Wood Decking to be 0.124mg/m3, label

of set limit to is E1; The formaldehyde of the desiccator law in cancelling original standard, perforative and extractive law releases set limit to to be worth, formaldehyde releases composite 1x8 panel a quantity to measure calm method gather into one to be law of 1m3 climate case. The enterprise can use gas to analyse law, desiccator law or perforative and extractive law to undertake manufacturing controlling, build the dependency between

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