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qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 08:52

<p>because its ingredients mainly from natural beeswax, 36 degrees Celsius (human body temperature) above the transparent, lower than the human body temperature was translucent solid. Need to use a sponge smear on the floor, to be dried (about 10 minutes) and then towel polishing. As the amount of savings, each bottle can be used 100 square meters, need to re-use the cycle of 180 days, easy to </p>
<p>polish, but also the formation of life wax wax and moisturizing the unique effect is more economical and practical products for home use. Matters needing attention 1 should not be used in bright light or high temperature. 2. Store in a cool dry place, avoid heating or freezing. 3. Do not let children touch, with a tight cover. Production Shelf life: 2 years Floor specifications: 350 g / box The above content is a writer </p>
<p>Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a variety of floor wax usage and precautions, I hope for everyone to help. For more knowledge about the floor wax, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.What are the characteristics of the floor glue, what are the categories? The classification of floor coverings include commercial PVC floor, residential PVC floor, sports PVC floor. Let's </p>
<p>outdoor laminate decking floor<br />
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stockade fence cost calculator</p>

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