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into the screw to be fixed Keel, the screw distance

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 09:09

<p>Homogeneous rubber flooring refers to the floor made of natural rubber or synthetic rubber with the same color or composition of single-layer or multi-layer structure. Heterogeneous rubber floor: refers to the floor with natural rubber or synthetic rubber as the foundation, structurally Including a wear layer and other compacted and / or differently designed compacted layers, the compacted layer comprising a </p>
<p>framework layer. Rubber flooring is generally used for places where wear resistance is extremely demanding and the market is not too large due to the high price. In the country is also mainly used in the transport sector, such as subways, aircraft, cars and other transport, airports, stations and other transport hubs. 4. Flax flooring and PVC flooring Flax flooring and PVC flooring is completely different. Flax </p>
<p>flooring is a kind of flexible flooring. Its composition is: flaxseed oil, limestone, cork, wood flour, natural resin and jute. Natural environmental protection is the most prominent feature of linen flooring, with good resistance to cigarette butt performance. Linen to the main coil is a single homogeneous heart structure. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; 5. Anti-static floor Anti-static floor is also called dissipative electrostatic floor. </p>
<p>composite outdoor residential benches<br />
bamboo pulp wall panels<br />
can you use outdoor wood decks decks on bare ground</p>

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