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retail sales

qizhen0809, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 12:02

exports 157.8 billion yuan, grow 30.6% , imports and exports of river retail sales 78.39 billion yuan, grow 18.5% . Look into 5 the rest of months, although development of Guangdong upm patio laminated floor foreign trade is faced with a few inaccuracy to decide an element, but Guangdong imports and exports is answered firm do not have a change to nice main area, through Guangdong the unit tries hard continuously related each, firm catchs the

steady growth of each foreign trade that outdoor floor tiles stays cool sun the State Council already published to move structural policy fulfil, hopeful of foreign trade of Guangdong of predicting second half of the year continues to maintain growth. Management of mill of treatment of lumber of Dong Zhuzhen part is short of Suzhou high new developed area break According to masses environment the letter is visited complain,teak wood plastic composite flooring review in Austria a few days ago, suzhou city "

263 " Dong Zhuzhen of new and high to Suzhou area has office of group of special operation leader dark visit, discover partial lumber machines the problem such as accumulation of Benches To Make From Composite Material mill existence wood chip, dust pollution and environmental hidden trouble. Dark visit personnel to enclosed ground for growing trees above all dredge of free market of agricultural products nods the one place lumber that foot of a hill of country of

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