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this mill inside

liuyi, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 12:05

side, Yao issues on the west to machine mill, this mill inside and outside huddled to put a large number of wood chip in disorder, accumulation is like hill. Establishment of above ground deck ideas the fire control inside mill is lacked, put in fire hidden trouble, in case encounter spark, consequence is unimaginable. In addition, can, canister burning gas is abandoned to pile up without foreword inside this mill, put in environmental hidden

trouble. Subsequently, dark visit group real wood floor direct factory discover when the investigation inside area of mill of hill of Dong Zhuzhen steamed bread is visited, there is much home lumber to machine mill to all be put in wood chip dust to pile up here the phenomenon such as lack of establishment of serious, fire control. Among them, rubbish of building of side of Yao river Shandong puts in collect 's charge to nod outdoor indoor square planter wood flower pots a canal to accuse to be

less than, many life rubbish mixed inside storage yard, without choose detached establishment, existence environment pollutes hidden trouble. Dust of workshop of burnish of component of 4 Feet Wide Fence Panels limited company of collect blessing electron collects processing facilities to run effect difference, dust is collected not complete, ash is accumulated inside the workshop very thick, examination staff inside the workshop accumulate

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