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Wood flooring moisture?

liuyi, Mittwoch, 29. November 2017, 13:49

<P>At the end of civil works, solid wood flooring can not be laid immediately; if the living room is in a damp environment, it is advisable to lay a moisture-proof floor; and when laying, the moisture content of the floor can not be less than 6%.Qiao: This is mainly due to solid wood flooring without formal drying caused.</P>
<P>Therefore, when installing the floor can be covered with a layer of plastic film, on the one hand play a moisture-proof and prevent the floor from the role of Alice, on the other hand has a certain sound insulation. In addition, two or three days in advance to put the floor to be placed in the interior of the room, so that wood to adapt to the indoor temperature, but also prevent Alice.</P>
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