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qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 03:57

<p>micro-material industry, building and improving the integrity of the market system and many other content to share exchange. Award section unique style, outstanding performance of the flooring industry enterprises and individuals were commended. Conference site was unveiled the floor industry-related honors, St. Elephant floor, the </p>
<p>Friends of the floor, the long-Sheng floor, Shun floor, floor, floor, life, home floor, Golden Bridge floor, Kent floor, large tree floor, Grand Prize. Weng Shaobin, Ni Fangrong, Zhang Enjiu, Jiang Xuelin, Lu Weiguang, Ru Jiyong, Lin Deying won the China Floor Industry Leadership Award. Shen Xiaohong, Gu Shui-xiang, Bu Lixin, Jin </p>
<p>Yuehua, Liu Binbin, Gao Haixing, Wang Zhijie, Ding Qilong, Jiang Wei, Shen Jianxin, Gu Guohua, Yao Hongpeng and Zhu Guoliang won the Meritorious People Award in the Flooring Industry in China. Rong Hui won the China flooring industry Ambassador Award. China is the largest producer and consumer of wood products in the world. </p>
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