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resistance. In addition, the general dimensional

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 04:32

<p>soft under the soft linen floor, which is why the thick linen floor resistance to scoring performance is not very good reason, compared to stone floor Better wear resistance. In addition, the general dimensional stability of linen flooring, therefore, must use a very strong glue, on the whole, the stability of flax flooring and stone than the floor. 3. Easy to maintain different degrees of flax flooring need to be cured under </p>
<p>natural light, there is a difference between the sample and the physical, yellow, linen flooring to maintain the product (PH &amp; gt; 7) less resistant to flax flooring needs to be refurbished, Special care products must be used when waxing. Flax flooring is much harder than stone flooring, but because of the porous surface, all stains must be quickly removed, otherwise the surface will leave a hard-to-remove blot that </p>
<p>would have to be refinished and waxed. Because it is not a thermoplastic material, it can not be reused, and scalding can be easily worn off, but for more in-depth hot stamping, STONE floor slabs are much easier to grind than flax flooring. 4. Difficult to install the difference between the installation of flax flooring more difficult, if the room temperature is too low, flax floor will be broken. Because of its absorptive </p>
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