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flooring will be critical

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 04:37

<p>color tone, but also play a very good Balance effect. And with a small fresh style of living room, with the use of wood flooring will be critical. Xiaobian today for everyone to recommend 3 light-colored floor with cases, take a look at it. Large living room living room paved light-colored wood flooring, not only to create a smooth and bright </p>
<p>visual sense, but also enhance the overall style of the design. David floor bedroom light color floor fresh and elegant, not only reflects the owner's temperament, but also gives a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Recommended products: David China red enhanced auspicious red series: soul space David floor E0 level red enhanced </p>
<p>auspicious red series: DWFD27 mind space david floor china red enhanced auspicious red - soul space, this floor low-key light gray just right Set off the natural and fresh of the room, elegant and not high profile. Fashion gray line, enhance the sense of interior space, with modern minimalist style or Nordic style home interior, can make the </p>
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