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solid wood flooring technical

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 06:24

<p>regional laboratories approved. David is the 'General requirements of solid wood flooring,' an international standard, 'floor heating with solid wood flooring technical requirements and the use of pavement specifications,' and other four national standards and five major industry standards drafting units, won the top ten brands in China, </p>
<p>China Building Materials Home Top 100 enterprises, China's home manufacturing base wooden door industry demonstration enterprises, the first batch of AAA grade credit rating companies, China's forestry industry outstanding contribution award and other awards. From the floor brand building point of view, the flooring industry is still </p>
<p>vibrant, cold development of the industry seems to be just a small test on the floor of the development of enterprises, is a compliment Award is also urged. Farewell to the golden age of rapid development in the past, when entering into the product, service, marketing, refinement of the past, the past can only rely on the OEM will survive free </p>
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