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to the floor

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 08:09

<p>of the nation, we objectively combed the pros and cons of China's flooring industry leading brands in the competition of the industry, and reached the top ten ranking of China's top ten brands of wood flooring, including nature, relief, holy elephant, Yangtze floor, Kent Emperor, living house, Friends floor, long-Sheng floor, radius of the </p>
<p>floor, to the floor. China's leading brand floor strength can not be underestimated. As the most important part of the decoration, flooring decoration is a major project, as people change the concept of wood flooring began to be more and more welcome, the following to understand the top ten Chinese wood flooring brand ranking. Nature is </p>
<p>one of China's famous brand names, China's most valuable brand in 500, has a high reputation in the industry, after years of development, nature has occupied a very important position in the industry, nature company has now become the flooring industry countries One of the standard drafting units. Relief is the top 500 Chinese brands, </p>
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