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lot of lumber is rectified

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 09:09

processing factory of a lot of lumber is rectified, plus on the high side of raw material price, treatment gain is small, the manufacturer that takes money decreases apparently, Preventing Balcony Wood Rot Floor shipment volume drops point-blank. At present too storehouse the camphor tree of class of 32*150 of harbor length 3.985M, norms, 1-5 child loose quote is 2100 yuan. Respect of North America material, the businessman expresses, arrive as a result of

near future haven the amount is limited,Living Wall Planter Boxes at present the market increases level of J of makings of loose Tk mouth 38.14 rare be short of, rise range is bigger, the price rose almost 50 yuan / square, still rising continuously, prices is very considerable. As we have learned, too the harbor long 2.44M, norms 38*235 with long 4.88M adds the storehouse loose (3 class increase good Tile Board Paneling Korea fortune) quote mixes 1680 yuan or so for 1650

yuan respectively. What radiation loose market level sends more last week is low fan, price quotations appears to fall apparently. Add suffer a government to father the abidance patio furniture and composite decking that checks environmental protection is affected, linyi market is very much manufacturer shutdown or reduction of output, haven shipment is measured as before not tall. According to understanding of reporter of network of Chinese timber

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