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west bank the forest

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 09:17

and accept, make sound on the west bank the forest of first state level kind key laboratory. This lab basically relies on Pu Tian to import lumber quarantine to divide harm cheapest wood picket fence manage area to build, the key is begun into condition forest analysis of risk of evil living things, early-warning is monitored, quarantine appraisal, except harm manage and lumber material are planted the research of wholesale vinyl fencing lattice colored sheet appraisal and apply. The

lab covers an area of gross area to exceed 800 square metre, instrument equipment is advanced, have data of specimen of many ab extra and evil living things, technology, build a cheap sturdy fence year recieve ability to exceed 2000 person-time, can open freely to the society through making an appointment. Pu cropland bureau will join Pu cropland municipal government " one area, one center, 5 brands, 9 actions " project, focusing " Internet + popular

science informatization " the job, innovation has the popular science of this bureau characteristic to spread way, urge construction of base of qualitative check popular science further, Built In Benches For Deck Or Patio after popular science base builds, effective implementation popular science popularizes the union that checks with port, safety of biology of stimulative country door knows the transmission of knowledge to gain ground, better defend country

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