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easy to swell deformation or shrinkage cracking

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 11:14

<p>of natural wood processing, green. However, the bamboo floor is also afraid of water, fear of fire, fear of tide, for the indoor temperature and humidity sensitive, easy to swell deformation or shrinkage cracking, serious or moldy. 2. The surface of bamboo flooring is painted surface, poor wear resistance, poor scratch resistance. 3 bamboo floor maintenance trouble, you need frequent waxing maintenance, </p>
<p>the other poor corrosion resistance. Conclusion: The most comprehensive stone plastic floor contrast with other floors, over Xiaobian introduced here, and I hope for your help. Learn more decoration materials knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration Raiders. &amp; nbsp;Plastic floor care need to pay attention to what matters? The maintenance of plastic floor and marble </p>
<p>floor, ceramic tile floor maintenance is different, maintenance time need to choose the appropriate maintenance methods. The following summary of some small plastic floor in the maintenance of the need to pay attention to the matter, a total of our reference. 1, sand and gravel protection should be in the use of PVC floor in front of the room, the hall entrance to place a sandstone protective mat to prevent sand </p>
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composite fence post skirts</p>

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