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light color floor

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 11:50

<p>give her the best, let her happy in a healthy environment, Carefree growth. Family is the baby most contact with a place, not healthy home environment directly affect the child's physical and mental health. Baby's immune system function is not perfect, more vulnerable than adults, the body's self-protection mechanisms are not perfect, can not </p>
<p>withstand the decoration materials formaldehyde / benzene / TVOC and other harmful substances, so mothers must be unhealthy Home building materials products that 'no.' As the closest guardian of the baby, we have to prop up a blue sky responsibly for her to learn and play in the process of not having to worry about harmful </p>
<p>substances from the outside world, give her a green childhood, so I chose me Think that the most healthy and environmentally friendly flooring brand - the Yangtze floor. Super solid wood E0 healthy series moisture-proof - crystal teak YZ340 Originally in the choice of floor, I and my family are very cautious. I visited several flooring brands </p>
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