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easy to swell deformation or shrinkage cracking

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 13:52

<p>stained pine scrub , Do not pour the rosin water on the floor clean, waxing care after scrubbing. 6, matters needing attention Floor cleaning can not use the cleaning ball, knife scraping, can not be cleaned by conventional methods of dirt, consult the relevant persons, not indiscriminate use of acetone, toluene, and other chemicals. 7, chemical protection to avoid a lot of water for a long time to stay on the floor </p>
<p>surface, especially the block floor, homogeneous body floor, water immersion floor for a long time, may infiltrate the floor below the floor glue melts lose the bond, may also make Floor surface protection Wax delamination caused by floor contamination, it is also possible that the infiltration of sewage into the interior of the floor caused discoloration (homogenous floor). 8, the sun protection to avoid direct </p>
<p>sunlight, make the floor put ultraviolet radiation to prevent discoloration of the floor, fading. Conclusion: plastic floor care need to pay attention to what matters, over Xiaobian introduced here, and I hope for your help. Learn more home knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration Raiders.What are the characteristics of plastic flooring? Plastic flooring with green, ultra-thin, super </p>
<p>home depot deck boards cover<br />
wood plastic composite malaysia<br />
bangku murah yang diperbuat daripada bahan kitar semula</p>

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