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plastic floor color is very much, can be any combination

liuyi, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 13:58

<p>as the solid wood floor, good dimensional stability, easy to lay and maintain. But still can not get rid of fear of fire, fear of water, fear of the shortcomings of the tide, not as good as stone plastic flooring environmental protection, abrasion resistance and less than stone plastic flooring. 3. Laminate flooring substrate is medium density or high density fiberboard and particleboard, dimensional stability, the </p>
<p>surface is impregnated decorative paper with wear-resistant materials to ensure the wear resistance of the surface resistance to cigarette burning, scratch-resistant Marking and pollution resistance is good, which is relative to the former two terms, and stone-plastic flooring superior wear and dirt performance than there is still a considerable gap. Stone plastic floor and plastic floor leather contrast 1 plastic floor </p>
<p>leather and stone plastic floor is not the same product, although some people call the stone plastic floor floor leather, plastic floor, but it is actually confusing the two floors . 2. Plastic floor (floor leather) is a very low-end products, the main component of plastic, fear of fire, easy to aging, short service life. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; Eight, stone plastic flooring and bamboo flooring contrast 1 bamboo flooring is also made </p>
<p>composite wood interior flooring<br />
pool deck with cover<br />
cost to build stairs for decks</p>

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