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Solid wood floor heating environmental protection

qizhen0809, Donnerstag, 30. November 2017, 15:11

<P>Solid wood flooring manufacturers in the face of the country's market, China's vast territory, the different parts of the balanced moisture content. Objectively speaking, enterprises want to balance the moisture content in various regions of the production floor there are considerable difficulties, and sometimes lead to moisture content exceeding the standard.</P>
<P>Of course, product quality is not a problem, but the consumer's use of the environment exceeded. Northern heating period, and some residential indoor temperature as high as 30 ��, users often open the window, indoor relative humidity below 30%, resulting in cracking the floor.</P>
<P>As the wider wood floor shrinkage cracks generated when the greater, although the moisture content of wooden flooring qualified, the use of the environment also meet the requirements, the floor gap is still exceeded.</P>

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