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floor have been 56 procedures

liuyi, Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017, 03:54

<p>procurement channels; production, the introduction of Japan, Italy and other cutting-edge woodworking equipment in the world, each floor have been 56 procedures strictly control the quality of German-led flooring industry into the boutique era; terminal, With resources, equipment, products, modes and other advantages, publicity, </p>
<p>store decoration, training, marketing activities, adequate supply of goods, such as a comprehensive power-assisted win terminal terminal. In the outlet, when the forefront of leadership; stand at the forefront, they work together. Connaught high ground hot plate 'gathered a group of people, change an industry' national wealth investment summit, </p>
<p>in the dealer's praise came to an end. High pattern, high grade, a high starting point Novo, will also be with each Noordo family together for China geothermal flooring industry add thick ink! Flooring industry after 30 years of development, the size of the brand formed thousands of fan race, one hundred rivalry scene, the user's perception </p>
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