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devoted to archaize floor

liuyi, Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017, 05:51

<p>sacred image and even the vitality of the holy image. From small and large, the holy elephant is in the whole country, the whole group to promote the new face. Facing the new era, iconography in 20 years, on the basis of successful road, creatively put forward the new image of "vigor iconography", the "dynamic" comprehensive injection </p>
<p>iconography, have the courage to break through the relentless pursuit, make the decoration building materials enterprise comprehensive permeated with strong vitality and movement. Lin deying, who joined the family in 2005, is now general manager of life. He led the family from an unknown decorative building materials enterprise to the </p>
<p>industry giant, the results of five years of high-speed growth. At present, the number of sales and stores of life home is in the forefront of the industry. Lin Deying after joining life home, decided to devoted to archaize floor decoration floor and real wood compound home outfit in the national promotion as decorative building materials </p>
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