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Moisture conservation wooden floor

liuyi, Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017, 06:36

<P>Spring in the laying of the wooden floor, the keel above to remember to shop a layer of thick moisture-proof membrane. The thickness of moisture-proof film is generally about 5-10mm, can effectively prevent the infiltration of underground moisture, but also take into account the location of the wall feet, do not because of the local and affect the overall.</P>
<P>When laying wooden flooring, remember to set aside about 2 mm expansion joints to avoid drums and dangling phenomenon in the future. It should be remembered that the wooden floor can not be directly exposed to the sun or baked in an electric furnace so as to avoid drying too fast and causing the wooden floor to crack. In order to prevent the deformation of the wooden floor, the floor can be opened on both sides of the wall, to be dissipated after the tide, and then re-install.</P>
<P>Spring humid climate, pay attention to moisture-proof wooden floor surface, the simplest way is to put a layer of wood floor wax. Waxing not only masks the scars on the wooden floor in everyday life, but also enhances the brightness of the wooden floor. At the same time, the wax itself has waterproof and moisture proofing function.</P>
<P>The number of waxing can vary according to the old and new floor, the new wooden floor every half a month or once a month, after playing 3-4 wax, you can like the old floor once every six months filling a wax, so Moisture-proof can be effective.</P> "home depot pvc lattice fence,wpc composite exterior wall siding,can i buy pvc deck in belfast "

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