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rosewood pay close attention

qizhen0809, Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017, 08:32

Current, of big fruit rosewood pay close attention to degree of house not to fall high. Furnished businessman expresses, even if near future is not bought, but also Cheap Pation Flooring Options can pay close attention to market trends continuously. Shenzhen view billows is 30-40cm of diameter of big fruit rosewood, at present long Fang of 2-2.5m, essence signs up for 24000-27000 yuan / ton, diametical 40-70cm, long 2-2.5m, log signs up for 2.6-3.0 10 thousand / ton.

although the expression of Who Sells Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence In Dubai hedgehog rosewood near future is inferior to expecting, but respect of producing area message however as one falls. As we have learned, at present endangered card of lumber of rosewood of Sierra Leone hedgehog handles an order already dredge, but marine insecurity becomes businessmen however another difficult problem, it is reported is current Sierra Composite Edging Work Well Leone container is very nervous, because

this is new,goods also will continue into city defer. Other source Nigeria, Gambia continues to maintain smooth supply, although cost price case is climbed,rise, but businessmen cheap deck boards for sale still are active stock up, the market of 10 behaves expectation Jin Jiuyin. Clinch a deal valence respect, at present quote of rosewood of the hedgehog on blessing person market is in 4800-7600 yuan / or so tons.

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