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off-season persistent

liuyi, Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017, 09:03

market personage expresses, as off-season persistent development, weak power of ability of broad leaf of log of the entrance inside predicting near future arranges How To Build A Wood Composite Park Bench posture not to change, prices is carried brace up remain to observe. Specific in light of:

Lacquer of Burmese hearts 3800 yuan / ton. According to surveying knowledge, as a result of the market long-term time is in low move, the businessman managing money of Deck Privacy Fence Ideas Hastings Burmese hearts lacquer begins shoot the long time that allows benefit to take money, at present Guangdong fish bead market businessman is intended clear goods, the price signs up for 3800 yuan / ton, the businessman that has intention mights as well attention.

Mozambique lumber is low move. 3 Feet High Wood Fence Panels Mozambique lumber as before absolutely still, lumber business also dare not have big movement before receiving order, at present Guangdong market Xiaoba spends the price to sign up for 4700-4800 yuan / ton, chen Guibao best composite railing Preveza signs up for 4200-4500 yuan / ton; Leather ash signs up for 4700-4800 yuan / ton; Black yellow wingceltis signs up for East Africa 4500-6500 yuan / ton. Smooth.

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