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flooring companies face common problems

qizhen0809, Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017, 09:18

<p>'teeth' carried the well-conditioned quasi-floors to the 'double-end milling' slot machine and a female worker checked the floorboards for any problems and placed the floorboards in good condition In a fast-moving machine,<a href='http://floorsquare.in/pvc-fence/4115-green-decking-supplier.html'>green decking supplier</a> a longitudinally grooved floorboard is subsequently fed from the other end of the machine. Next to it, three workers tested the product and pushed it into a horizontally grooving machine that sent a piece of the finished product quickly with a whistle. Two workers deftly tested docking each piece of the floor, the product confirmed qualified,seven trust decking stringer span it directly into the packaging process, the packaging floor was sent to all over. Reporter </p>
<p>picked up a piece of the floor was about to be packed into the packaging and found that every one behind the floor are printed with Hans Wood logo in English and Chinese,<a href='http://floormatscheap.com/wall-panel/2811.html'>cost of lockdry decking per foot</a> but also printed with the film under the floor line time, which is the floor of the 'ID card.' According to reports, this approach is conducive to different from those in the market who do not have logo or English logo of the floor,composite deck boards for boat docks but also conducive to ensuring product quality. March 15, the European Code floor suspected false propaganda incident after CCTV exposure, so that the domestic floor of the integrity of enterprises down to the bottom overnight. According to the authoritative </p>
<p>agency analysis, by the 'European Code Incident', China's flooring sales fell 15%, so how to effectively communicate with consumers to resolve consumer concerns and mistrust,<a href='http://floormatscheap.com/cheap-floor/3698.html'>stair railings for a concrete stoop</a> as the flooring companies face common problems . On March 26, China Association of Forestry Industry, together with well-known enterprises in the industry, jointly released the 'Declaration of Integrity of Chinese Wood Floors' in Beijing.wood composite supplier in qatar The initiatives such as 'Sunshine Management' and 'Open Visits' launched by flooring enterprises represented by Shengyue Flooring and Whirlpool Flooring are now making efforts to restore the integrity of the industry. Corporate action All-</p>

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