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flooring brand industrial

liuyi, Samstag, 02. Dezember 2017, 01:59

<p>tripartite linkage selection, much concern and sought after by the industry, the major flooring brands actively involved, the mainstream media competing coverage. Deeply digging the brand value of the flooring industry has become increasingly mature differentiation of the advantages of weakness in the search for a dilemma in the new trend. </p>
<p>With the industry from the empirical to the professional type of change, as a differentiated brand of corporate identity and product, it is particularly important. How to laugh at the brand strength of the board industry, the various brands mustering strength. According to the statistics of network selection of China Top Ten Flooring Top Ten </p>
<p>Brands in China and Top Ten Brands of China Flooring in 2016, over 700 floor brand registrations were received during the event registration and voting period, and the daily average daily volume hit during the voting period was exceeded 100000, the total number of valid votes over 5000000, of which mobile terminal voting accounted for </p>
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