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flooring brand industrial

qizhen0809, Samstag, 02. Dezember 2017, 02:59

<p>and Capital Management Department of the State Forestry Administration, said. same. From follower to leader, China can have the right to speak on the international trade floor, and it is possible to reverse the adverse situation of passive beating. On April 19, 2017, Jiusheng Floor launched a new brand strategy, announcing the official launch </p>
<p>of the Jiu Sheng brand upgrade. Since 2017, Jiu Shing Flooring will fully focus on the real wood flooring industry and will make a brand new vision. Since then, Jiuxian seven strategic start gradually carried out, the following famous wooden floor brand Xiao Bian to inventory under the following long floor brand strategy after the release of </p>
<p>major moves. Xiaobian extracted a long seven strategy: precise positioning, focus on solid wood floor heating; start a new vision, with professionalism and ingenuity; Huang Zhida as chief product officer, product design upgrade; segmentation, professional and younger team; again Strategic signing Red Star Macalline, actually home; 'home </p>
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