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shipment volume drops

qizhen0809, Montag, 04. Dezember 2017, 03:59

of goods decreases apparently, shipment volume drops point-blank. Express according to the businessman, at present too storehouse stock of harbor Russia lumber is enough, hollow wooden mast design Leicestershire price difference is bigger also, general the goods of good norms is more popular. Current, too harbor grows the storehouse the camphor tree of class of 25*150 of 6/4.2M, norms, 1-5 child loose quote deck tiles be installed recessed in soil 1980 yuan.

Because environmental protection wind is swept across,show level, and other places of Shandong, Heibei, Chengdu has partial processing factory to had cut off lowes fire prevention fencing the power, the businessman of Hainan Dan city states group of environmental protection superintend will arrive at Hainan to

undertake checking in the center of August, hainan place processing factory or will be faced with reduce an amount even shutdown. According to investigation of reporter how to prepare the ground for rubber deck tiles of network of Chinese timber industry, basically produce a division Hainan area is homebred balata wood, once crop is reduced, the market demands exceeds supply, homebred balata wood can appear rise in price.

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