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determines the quality of the plastic floor quality

qizhen0809, Montag, 04. Dezember 2017, 04:36

<p>the domestic manufacturers are very good in color and fidelity. However, the printing layer produced by the small factories is prone to fading problem. Consumers in the purchase of the best looking for businesses with high integrity to buy, so as not to fade the color of plastic flooring, affecting the appearance. (3) wear-resistant layer due to different manufacturers, wear-resistant layer of quality there is a big </p>
<p>difference, poor quality of the wear-resistant layer in addition to easy to crack in addition to shrinking, causing the edge of the floor from the Alice. Suggest looking for regular large brand business when buying. Production process: The above three compounds together process, mainly divided into two hot and extrusion, hot pressing the higher the cost, the quality is relatively stable, extrusion prone wear-</p>
<p>resistant layer off phenomenon. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; 4. Look at service services related to product quality assurance, but also the performance of corporate image. Floor products in the installation soon after some deformation, warping, cracking problems, many are caused due to improper installation. Therefore, whether the service is specialized, but also affect the performance of the product. Floating installation </p>
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outdoor decking pergolas</p>

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