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between the floor business

liuyi, Montag, 04. Dezember 2017, 06:18

<p>product quality, customer service, marketing and corporate social responsibility. While providing consumers with a healthy and environment-friendly home experience, Brand image and influence. Germany Pinot Noir Palace floor adhere to environmental innovation to quality achievements of the brand German Pinot Noir Palace has three </p>
<p>major brand advantages, so that its environment-friendly decorative materials research and development and marketing has been in the domestic building materials industry leader. At the same time, German Pinot Noir has been working hard to build a resource advantage, brand, vigorously implement the floor, whole wood, wooden doors and </p>
<p>other major monopoly system, to achieve leapfrog development of enterprises. Desing · Mero Palace 4D addition to aldehyde technology, in addition to the effect of formaldehyde in addition to the floor as a carrier, added in the production of chitin and nano-silicon wafer. The main principle is to ensure that the wooden floor stable and </p>
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