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between the floor business

qizhen0809, Montag, 04. Dezember 2017, 08:17

<p>basically Italy, France and other countries account for most of the imported brands occupy most of the country , While the high-end flooring market, imported flooring brands may also write the same story. Come up with some of the more domestic strength of the floor brands, such as nature, the Holy Elephant, the world friend, or up, </p>
<p>Rhine Sunshine, Kent Emperor Asia, life home, North America Maple, Anshun, basically each brand will occupy a few Category, the most common is to strengthen, solid wood, three solid wood, solid wood composite, and so on, some companies will be subdivided again, to take some new category name, such as ecological wood flooring, </p>
<p>net aldehyde E0 healthy floor, in fact the nature of the material Little change, just highlight the consumer more concerned about the ecological, environmental protection, health and other demands. Floor categories in this big family, the total planning of the winning consultant, network integration marketing expert Deng Chao Ming believes </p>
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