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demand of the pine

liuyi, Montag, 04. Dezember 2017, 10:51

Hardwood respect, south Africa market pressure treated decks build on a cement slab is major demand is white oak and northeast china ash, european beech and the demand of the pine that spend a banner are considerable also, but of euro fluctuant however block up sale. In south Africa market, african material is planted phyletic and finite, because African lumber delivers the goods,basically do not stabilize. The report says Zambia dock composite bench authorities halted the export of log.

2, 8, stocks of timber of area of plastic deck furniture Buskerud Russia Qiu Na is little in September
Be in in after congress of alliance of Russian timber industry rings down the curtain, on August 12, will to at present of library of Russia Yi Er overcome main lumber to supply ground autumn graceful area, forestry of main purpose country invests visit capital and special to Russia fund, ou Ban lists lumber in special purchase.

Qiu Na area year fall about 1.65 million,composite deck stain reviews its are graceful mid-autumn company of lumber of area Russia forestry occupies 600 thousand. Forest comprise camphor tree child loose 68% , Bai Song 17% , deciduous leaf is loose 10% , other broad Xie Wei 5% .

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