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Common wood floor "disease"

qizhen0809, Montag, 04. Dezember 2017, 11:40

<P>1. Pressure canned floor wax, also known as rub-free high-gloss wax. Usage This kind of floor wax should be used without dilution, spray directly on the floor or spray on a dry towel, and then wipe the towel clean. Features fast, spray evenly, the effect is obvious, very bright. Due to the huge amount of floor wax used (only about 10 square meters per can), it is not suitable for flooring.</P>
<P>2. Hand spray bottle wax, also known as water wax. Usage This kind of floor wax is used without dilution, spray directly on the floor, until the dry (about 20 minutes) and then use the flatbed to drag polishing. Features This floor wax to use more quickly, pay attention to even when spraying, light in general, with a slippery surface after the floor. Due to the large amount, but not safe enough (surface slip), only suitable for daily cleaning.</P>
<P>3. Canned solid wax, also known as traditional floor wax. How to use This kind of floor wax should be used without dilution, you need to use a sponge smear on the floor, to be dry (about 40 minutes) and then use a towel hard polishing. Features After using this kind of floor wax, a layer of wax film is formed on the floor surface, which has the protective function to the floor, and the surface of the floor is sticky and slippery after use. Because of the need for special polishing, only suitable for very few people have been using this long-term floor wax, in pursuit of the traditional floor effect. Not suitable for new flooring.</P> "flooring for outdoor decks,composite lumber for step treads,plastik plastik komposit pengeluar belgium "

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