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the floor for a period

qizhen0809, Montag, 04. Dezember 2017, 11:42

<p>two floors of the market price of 300-400 yuan, the effect is better than replacement of the new floor. Re-use of the second floor seal used to save the floor, we should pay attention to the original floor in the floor after leaving the transport that must be sealed packing. After using the floor for a period of time, it has been adapted to the </p>
<p>original indoor temperature and humidity. If there is a large environmental gap after the environment is changed, the board will easily crack the drum. It is true that spring is a good time for decoration. However, people often miss the peak season for spring decoration due to various factors. Then in the summer, in order to live in new homes as </p>
<p>soon as possible, sometimes have to carry out decoration matters. However, the laying of wood flooring in summer is also a lot of stress, the following Xiaobian explain to you when laying the floor next summer, which 7 things can not be done. Although the construction of high temperature and rain survived the spring rain sponge. However, </p>
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