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police station of white

liuyi, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 03:12

Receive after calling the police, police station of white horse river organizes a policeman quickly to go out alarm. After reaching the spot, pass reconnaissance of pair of wall decorative panels store in quezon city careful of spot the same night, one caboodle lumber discovered on the hillside of inside of state-owned a section of a highway or railway of 3 autumn cropland,

add up to 48, discovered jacket of composite fence materials and white a gray beside the lumber of the spot at the same time, found a mobile phone inside the dress. The investigation experience with policeman old basis, combine the trace of spot bequeath and material evidence, around the mobile phone rapid development always promotes countryside to establish group of brook winter old village, hamlet to undertake visitting wooden floor pest resistant for swimming pool investigating from door to door,

preliminary lock decides two suspects. By force of investigation pressure, on August 6 10 when guilty suspect Duan Mou some confesses some crime to a criminal give himself up to the police of Bai Mahe police station, remove such-and-such, He Mou for narrating its in collusion with the 5 people such as some arrive making a privacy fence out of pallets always benevolence county always promotes countryside to establish group of brook winter old village the guilty fact of forest of 3 strike of Qiu Tian steel.

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