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Get just a few minutes of sun daily to get a healthful glow

misshuana, Dienstag, 05. Dezember 2017, 07:38

• Pamper it in the bathtub. Showers are the preferred form of bathing for most adult men, but when a really sore male organ is present Wholesale NCAA Jerseys , a guy should consider treating himself and his member to a nice, long, warm bath. The warmth of the water flowing all around the manhood can help to soothe aching muscles and relax the blood vessels that have been called on to do a lot of heavy lifting during the tumescence process. Be sure the water is warm but not hot; too much heat can be damaging, especially to sensitive male organ skin.

• Wrap it up. Swaddling the manhood can also provide some extra comfort when it is sore. Take a small towel, scarf or muffler and wrap it securely but not too tightly around the member (and sacks, if desired). This also warms up the member, much as the warm bathwater does; in addition, the extra support of the wrapping keeps the manhood from swinging and banging against thighs or other objects. Swaddling the male organ for an hour or two at night can help promote soreness relief.

• Then go bare. After swaddling the member, it’s often helpful to let it “hang out” for a while. Walking around the house naked allows the manhood to get more fresh air than it normally would, and that can help speed along the healing process – especially because this means the manhood won’t be rubbing against any potentially irritating fabrics.

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